What Determines Price?


The market determines your price range and my job is to net YOU the most from that range, with the MOST FAVORABLE TERMS! We know what the market says your range is based on active, pending and sold comparables. This information will be gone over in detail with you. Then you will ultimately decide on the list price. If it is within reason and within what the market suggests, I would be happy to work with you in getting your home sold! I will do everything on the marketing end to generate a professional presentation of your home and create a real “buzz” to get many potential buyers interested! In our current market, if your home is priced and marketed properly, you will have many showings I will coordinate within the first few days on the market. We will expect multiple offers, which also gives us the advantage to negotiate many terms in your favor! This is where I shine in securing an offer that is best for you, my client.