Closing 101

This process takes place within a couple days, there are many variables.

1. Closing Disclosure is released from lender to buyer. 3 business day waiting period begins when reciept is acknowledged.

2. Settlement numbers are sent from lender to escrow for confirmation.

3. Closing Documents are sent to escrow.

4. Escrow officer calls and sets a time for sellers to sign. Sellers sign.

5. Escrow officer calls and sets a time for buyers to sign. Buyers sign.

6. The signed documents are sent back to the buyer's lender.

7. The lender wires the funds to the escrow company.

8. The escrow company sends the information to the county for recording.

9. The transaction is given a recording number.

10. The home is now SOLD!

11. By 9pm on the day of recording, the seller is to vacate the property and leave it clean, unless otherwise negotiated at the time of accepting an offer.

12. Buyer is given keys to their new home by their agent!